Saleheh Vahaji


My Story

I entered the world of coaching through a series of emotional trauma, including a near death experience. Having experienced the trauma of a life-threatening event, all success that I have had accumulated seemed very minimal. I saw this as a sign that I needed to take control of my future and find my life's true purpose. Ultimately, I signed on with a life coach. Coaching truly transformed my life. It completely changed how I saw myself, and for the better. Through direct and steadfast questioning, my coach helped me identify what was holding me back, set clear goals with me, and held me accountable to those goals. I went from being anxious and discouraged to feeling excited, inspired, and ready for a bright future.

My mission now is to provide assistance to others the way my coach supported me. My goal is to help others hone their innate talents, and discover their passions so they can lead happy, satisfying lives. I focus on people and their well-being. People are the building blocks of an organization and deserve to feel valued and enthusiastic about their work. Their fulfillment will lead to a more congenial and fruitful workplace.

Founder & Head Coach

Saleheh Vahaji is a the founder and CEO of Storm Breaker Coaching. She is a dynamic, vibrant, and enthusiastic coach with a gift for relating to people. With more than 12 years of experience working in Finance, Telecom, and IT consulting in the DC area, Saleheh works with individuals who are looking for more in life.

Saleheh is also an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University's School of Business.

Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics - George Mason University

Master’s Degree of Science in Finance - George Washington University

MBA - George Mason University

Undergraduate Degree in Engineering - Polytechnic University of Technology

Saleheh was born here in the U.S but grew up in Iran. After college, she returned to the U.S. for her Master's Degree and decided to remain in the U.S. She currently lives in the D.C.Metropolitan area.