start-up consulting

StormBreaker helps Entrepreneurs “Break” through the (Brain)”Storming” sessions to get closer to implementation of their ideas. As the bridge between Business/Finance  world and STEM industry, We have always had the opportunity to provide valuable consultation to the Intelligent and highly technical startup idea owners.


Start-up business evaluation

Start-Up companies are unique organizations that deserve particular attention. We offer 90-minute evaluations tailored just for start-ups. We will assess your company and business model, and develop a plan that will put your company on the road to success.


Start-up finances

When it comes to finances, Start-Ups struggle with their financial valuations and projections. At stormbreaker, we will go over your pricing projections, assumptions and valuations to set up a realistic financial valuation for your investor pitches.


Start-up pitch

At StormBreaker, we have extensive experience with pitching techniques and creating pitch decks. We can go over your existing pitch deck, offer you recommendations or we could build one for you.